Why Do Children Need Education? Creating Responsible Adults


It is estimated that on any given school-day there is in excess of 1 billion children in the world attending school. According to UNICEF an estimated 617 million children and adolescents around the world are unable to reach minimum proficiency levels in reading and mathematics. This staggering statistic is a consequence of poorly trained teachers, lack of study materials, inadequate ablution and sanitation facilities, hunger and illness. Unfortunately, because of the lack of a proper education, most of these kids are destined to a life of struggle, poverty and privation.

Why do children need education to live better lives? Children are the adults and leaders of the generations to follow. A brighter future is only possible with a more robust and personalized education system. A good education will stimulate curiosity in young, impressionable minds and mold kids into responsible and productive adults. Some questions we will be asking and answering:

  • Can education make you smarter?
  • Can education make a child more socially confident?
  • Can education improve self-discipline?
  • Can education make you a better thinker?
  • Can education improve your career prospects?
  • Can education improve your health?
  • Can education make you happy?

Can Education Make You Smarter?

Well off course it can. It seems like an obvious outcome. School exposes children to a fountain of knowledge. They are given an opportunity to acquire knowledge on diverse subject matter such as science, history, biology, mathematics, people, politics and the list goes on. Exposure to the various sources of knowledge will cultivate and improve a child’s thought process.


Can Education Make a Child More Socially Confident?

Up until a child goes to school, parents and other family members are the extent of a child’s human interactions. At school, children are introduced to a new environment and to new friends of a similar age as them. This instills in the child positive social traits such as friendship, working in groups, assisting one another and empathy for others. Studies have pointed out that while in familiar environment, a child learns to be at his/her best behavior only when exposed to same-aged individuals. Also, activities such as sport will help the child to channel his boundless energy into something productive.


Can Education Improve Self-Discipline?

To succeed in life you need to be self-disciplined and persistent in your actions. Nothing in life symbolizes this more than receiving a higher education qualification. 12 years of school is followed by at least 4 years of college/university to receive your degree, diploma or higher learning certificate. This takes a great deal of effort and sacrifice and you are rewarded with a nice job and nice things in life.


Can Education Make You a Better Thinker?

A lack of understanding and ignoring the facts can be dangerous. Educated people are willing to listen to contrasting arguments before forming an opinion of their own. Being able to reason and be rational is a valuable tool when maneuvering through life.

Can Education Improve Your Career Prospects?

Most kids fail to realize just how their education could affect their future earnings. All high paying professions require some form of formal qualification. Without an education, these high paying jobs are unattainable.

A 2013 British Government study looked at those who had completed studies in higher education. It found that:

  • A third of graduates got a better job
  • Their earnings rose by an average of 2.75%
  • 58% of them were satisfied with their current jobs
  • 80% felt that their happiness and self-esteem had improved

Can Education Improve Your Health?

Studies have shown a distinct correlation between people’s level of education and health. Education improves health and increases life expectancy.

  • Higher education will generally lead to higher earnings and to higher living standards. People with poor levels of education usually have low learning jobs that carry inherent risk, less time for relaxation and family and less money to spend on healthy choices.
  • A lack of financial security leads to a stressful life
  • People who earn less tend to live in poorer neighborhoods with higher crime rates and drug abuse.
  • Those with lower incomes are less aware of health issues and tend not to spend money on things like gym memberships and healthy eating.

Can Education make you Happy?

Education per se will not bring you happiness but the success you may find in life as a result of your education may lead to happiness. “Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort” F D Roosevelt. Off course not every educated person is happy but the higher your education the more your life may improve as a whole, and the more content and happy you may feel.

The Final Word

School curricula have evolved from traditional rote learning to what it is today. Schools now offer a far more flexible curriculum that encourages individual thoughts and curiosity. The child is encouraged to let his/her imagination run uninhibited and to improve cognitive skills.

School is necessary for children to learn life lessons and the workings of life. Children can and will learn from their parents to a certain extent but at school they have access to various other sources of vast knowledge that is fundamental to their development .

The social, political and economic growth of any society is founded in education. The extent and pace of the growth of a society largely depends on the quality of it’s education system, so therefor schools and the quality of education being imparted play an important role in molding the citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

Thank you for reading this article and please post any comments and questions below.

6 thoughts on “Why Do Children Need Education? Creating Responsible Adults”

  • While I don’t agree that education can make you smarter (as the ability to learn is an internal function that, in general, cannot be changed) but I do agree that it can stimulate the brain, giving a child the ability to solve problems more efficiently (be a “better thinker”). This ability to find solutions and be able to converse in an educated manner will indeed make a person more confident.  I love what you’ve written here and hope all parents take heed of the benefits of education!

    • Hi Cynthia. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my article. I agree with you that learning is an internal process. Schooling and education act as stimuli that may lead to learning. Learning is different from the things that are designed to stimulate it.

  • Schooling changes lives and breaks the pattern of neediness that traps such countless kids. … A large portion of these youngsters are in school. All of them merits the occasion to realize with the goal that they may sometime arrive at their maximum capacity. Thank you so much for writing this!

    • Hi. Thank you dearly for your comment. I agree with you that all kids should be afforded the opportunity to realize their full potential. Adequate schooling must be made available to every child in the world.It should be an unequivocal and absolute right.

  • Hello Leslie, Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful piece of information. It’s a great pleasure to come across this because this topic needs to be as loud as possible. Many parents don’t really see the need of this education. It has gone a long way in spoiling the society and producing the worst kinds of youths in the world. Education is needed and more importantly, this information needs to be shared to as much as possible.

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