Why Is Digital Literacy For Kids Essential?

What Is Digital Literacy? You are likely to find many definitions of digital literacy online, The American Library Association (ALA) defines digital literacy as “the ability to use information and communication technologies to find, evaluate, create, and communicate information, requiring both cognitive and technical skills.” It needs to be recognized that digital literacy in education […]

Kindergarten Learning Activities To Do At Home

  Our kindergartners learn through movement, social interaction, and play. As parents, we can support that learning at home with kindergarten learning activities that are hands-on. At this stage of their learning our kids need playful, hands-on activities . Five and six-year-olds need to be active, dig hands deep into new textures, and manipulate objects […]

Fun Toddler Learning Activities To Do At Home

  There are many activities and games you can do with your toddler to have fun together and get them developing important skills, such as reading and listening and developing  hand-eye co-ordination. At this age, children are like little sponges, picking up every bit of information about the world around them. The majority of things […]

Tekki Uni Review – Best Online Coding Courses For Kids

    Product: Tekkie Uni by eTeacher Group Price: 35$ Registration Fee 74$ p/m for 9 Months (After Trial Period) Institution: eTeacher Group Ages: Various – See Below Trial Period: 2 Free Lessons Course Duration: 32 sessions over 9 months Language: English and Other Languages Available Refund: Registration Fee Fully Refundable During Trial Period My […]

How To Teach Kids Critical Thinking Skills-An Essential Life Skill

    Every day children are flooded with images, messages and information. Irrespective of whether they are chatting with friends, at school or online, they need to know how to evaluate what they are hearing and seeing in order to form their own opinions and beliefs. Critical thinking skills are the foundation of education and […]

Social Skills Activities Children Need to Practise

  Is the current schooling system preparing children for tomorrow’s world? The world of yesterday is rapidly becoming irrelevant. Back in the 80’s, I was educated in a schooling system that believed in and prepared you for a world that was expected to remain essentially the same, barring a few minor changes in hairstyles. We […]

Early Childhood Math Activities To Get Kids Started

  Children use early childhood math activities in their daily routines. This is a good habit as learning math promotes short-term memory, increases cognitive skills and improves attention. This prepares kids to be ready for school. Studies have shown that a child’s math acuity upon entering kindergarten is a strong indicator of future academic performance. […]