The 6 Best Types of Preschool Programs

  Preschool programs teach important social skills, improve cognitive development, and prepare your child for big school. Given all the available types of preschool programs, which is the best fit for your little one’s personality and learning style? In the United States preschool programs tend to fall into two broad categories. The first philosophy is […]

The Best 2nd Grade Math Activities You Can Do At Home

  What Are The Benefits Of Math In The Second Grade? It’s difficult for most students to enjoy math class, and most students struggle in math because of how it’s taught. Math is unavoidable and necessary, so our hope is that your 2nd grader has someone who can teach her well. To aid in your […]

10 Best Toddler Educational Toys in 2022

Toddlers learn best through play. Therefore, the best toddler toys are the ones that also have some educational value. Good learning toys for toddlers can help your little one foster many different skills she will need in her life, such as, problem solving and learning cause and effect, learning how to play with others through […]

Teaching Toddlers Number Recognition- Foundation for Early Math

    Teaching toddlers number recognition creates foundational skills for early math. It is important to develop before you can go on to many other skills, like correctly putting numbers in order, finding missing numbers in a sequence, being able to add and subtract with written number sentences. Number recognition is about the physical appearance […]

The Best Christmas Gifts For Toddlers-Educational Toys

  If your kids had to choose their own gifts, most choices would be “phase toys”. Toys that are used for a short period and then replaced with something else with more appeal. There is nothing wrong with picking a trendy fun toy for your child. However, when picking out presents you can combine fun […]

Educational Activities For Preschoolers -To Do At Home

  Activities and games are more than just fun for a preschooler, they also help with early learning and physical development Just because your little one isn’t in elementary school yet, it doesn’t mean his path to learning hasn’t started. Encourage him to experiment with the concepts behind math, reading, science with these fun, at-home […]

Brain Games For Preschoolers – Early Development is Crucial

  According to experts 90% of brain growth happens before Kindergarten At birth, the average baby’s brain is about a quarter of the size of the average adult brain. It keeps growing to about 80% of adult size by age 3. It grows to 90% by age 5. If we don’t begin thinking about education […]

Math Activities For Toddlers – Early Learning

  Giving children, especially toddlers, real experiences of math concepts like numbers, shapes and measurement is a great way to get them to learn Children are using early math skills throughout their daily routines and activities. These skills are important to prepare them for school. But early math doesn’t mean worksheets and calculators during playtime. […]

Benefits Of Educational And Learning Toys For Toddlers

  As parents, we fill our homes with toys that our little ones adore and have fun with. But did you know that encouraging your toddler to play with educational activity toys can help their intellectual and motor development? By introducing educational and physical activity toys at an early stage of a child’s development, it […]