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Hi everyone, thank you for visiting my Little Genius website. At Little Genius we provide you with the best children’s educational advice,  best kids educational resources, e-books and product reviews to aide in your child’s cognitive, emotional and social development.

I grew up in a modest neighborhood where everyone dreamed of a better life. Very early in my life it became clear to me that the secret to enjoying life’s bountiful gifts is predicated on first investing in improving yourself. Education and the accumulation of knowledge, quite literally, opens up every opportunity that is available in this world.

It is my firm belief that a child’s education should commence as early as possible.


I was a curious kid. As soon as I was able to read I spent a lot of my time with my face stuck in a book (quite the nerd, but hey! I was also a decent athlete). I read just about anything, fiction or non-fiction. I excelled at school and won a lot of top achievement awards. This instilled within me a tremendous amount of confidence that eventually translated into a successful career as an Attorney. As an Attorney I enjoyed training and mentoring junior Attorneys and giving them a kick-start with their careers.




However, one of my life highlights was when I volunteered at a community learning center and taught grade 9 mathematics. I was proud to have my students achieve a pass rate in the upper 90 percentile range on a regular basis. I was with the learning center for 4(four) years and spent the last year there as the Principle of the center.

Teaching in disadvantaged communities showed me how education or the lack thereof could impact on the trajectory of a child’s life. I therefore feel that every child should have access to education and that education should be prioritized early in their lives




There is a plethora of information on the internet. On this site I intend to provide access to the,best educational aides, information and advice to kick-start your toddlers cognitive, emotional and social development as well as providing educational resources for children of all ages.


All the best,


Founder of Little Genius World